Splatoon Anime Coming in August

According to CoroCoro, a Japanese magazine, Nintendo Japan will be releasing a Splatoon based anime come August 12. It will be published on their YouTube channel and thus might be quite short compared to most TV serials.Splatoon Will Have An Anime Spin-Off

The anime will be based on the Splatoon manga by Hinode and Professor Yoshiyuki, published by CoroCoro comics. It has not been mentioned which part of the story the anime will feature from the manga, but the manga does begin with the events of Splatoon 2.

There isn’t much known about the latter events, but it was hinted at when Nintendo referred to the single player mode. In this mode, the player will be rescuing a princess from the evil Octarians, with plenty of intense platforming that Nintendo is famously good at. Though we know more about the gameplay than we do the story.

So, an anime based on a manga, based on a game. If you’re interested in a Splatoon anime, be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and you’ll be notified when they post the videos. I can’t imagine either the manga or the anime will be very plot intensive. If you’re looking for something on the same level of Berserk, you must be lost and the exit is to the left. No, a Splatoon anime will be for kids and only for kids. Though it might not ask you to fit a cube into a round hole, it will be fun, happy, and very cute.

Personally, I’m curiously stubborn and enjoy seeing how Nintendo translates a multiplayer game into something with a story and characters. Each Inkling with their own single trait of personality and depth that will propel them through the quiet hardships of being an Inkling. Also, animation style from game to show, can be fascinating to see what they changed and what they did not.

Source: CoroCoro, and Japan Nintendo


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