Ashes of Creation Arena Trailer

The MMO that met its Kickstarter goal in less than a week is officially underway and development is going strong. Developers Intrepid Studios has it all planned out, every inch of Ashes of Creation has a story and they can’t wait to bring it to you. Today, they’ve revealed a small part of that story in the form of the various arenas that will be available once the game arrives.

We’ve seen glimpses of some of these environments before, especially the desert-themed one with its mysterious cobra statues and beautiful city on the horizon. The first area we see is what appears to be a castle town under fire. Though it is mid-winter, some the fire still manages to catch on what I imagine are the wooden frames of these houses and the castle itself. Perhaps when the fight is over, these are the ashes the title of the game refers to.

Next is the aforementioned desert-themed area. We see a stunning array are sandstone architecture dotted with ferns and palm trees. The third area is clearly in ruin. The stone is covered in moss and thick foliage, the main feature is a statue of a man at the centre of a large pedestal. There are thin bridges connecting the pedestal to what appears to be the rest of a temple. On each side of the pedestal are featured large and graceful horses. There also seems to be a red lit altar with a statue, and upon closer inspection has a shining flower that is responsible for the light. Possibly. There is similar altar with another statue and blue light, also seemingly from a plant.

Intrepid also seems to be showing off their cloud movement and weather cycles, as it begins to rain in the ruined temple area. It’s not much, and I certainly hope the entire game will look like this. As always, I look forward to seeing how Ashes of Creation will turn out.

There is no release date yet, nor have any systems been mentioned.


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