Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water

In yet another movie revealing Guillermo deo Toro’s obsession with fairytales, we have a trailer for the director’s upcoming film, The Shape of Water. It’s coming out December 8, 2017 and stars Sally Hawkins (Godzilla), Michael Shannon (Man of Steel), Richard Jenkins (The Cabin in the Woods), Doug Jones (Hellboy), Michael Stuhlbarg (Doctor Strange), and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures).

The Shape of Water is set in the Cold War era of 1963. Elisa (as played by Sally Hawkins) is a mute woman working as a maid in a “hidden high-security government laboratory.” She is lonely and “trapped in a life of silence and isolation,” with her co-worker Zelda (played by Octavia Spencer) as her only friend. All that changes when Elisa and Zelda go in to clean a laboratory containing a strange water-living creature.

Doug Jones, who plays the creature, revealed some details about his character in a recent interview with Jones stated that the creature is an enigma, unknown in every way. As the last of his species, the government is of course keen on founding out everything they can without much regard for the creature’s well-being. The goal, as the space race is still going on, is to find any sort of military or space travel advantages from the creature.

In fold to the this, Elisa is much more sympathetic to the creature’s plight, despite his alien good looks. According to Jones, you’ll be “rooting for her every step” and instantly fall in love with her. As per usual of such a fairytale, it is more than likely that the creature and Elisa will fall into love too, something tragic like Romeo and Juliet. They can’t really be together because the creature doesn’t belong in her world, yet she will still strive to help him escape. If nothing else, the creature doesn’t deserve to be tortured by an ignorant government organization.



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