Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer: A Study In Apathy

Marvel has revealed their trailer for the Inhumans TV series, which you can watch early in Imax theatres come September 1 and ABC television September 29, 2017. It seems as though Maximus will succeed in his coup, Black Bolt isn’t too moved by it, and Medusa is mildly frustrated.

It’s not that bad. After the first image was released of the entire cast in full costume, I was sure the trailer was going to be much worse than this. The costumes are still done by an amateur cosplayer who bought the wrong version online. The make up is equally unprofessional, but the cinematography is clearly done by someone who is trying to make the best of a bad situation. That isn’t to say anything about the editing for this trailer (especially the speeding up and slowing down sections), but hope lies in the length feature for that, as trailers are often edited differently than the film itself.

I will say that they fixed whatever didn’t happen with Medusa’s hair though, it looks much better now and actually attached to her head. The shade of red was also darkened to match the comic version better. The CGI of her hair coming to life is something that could have been more creatively approached. There are more ways than one to make hair look alive and constantly moving.

Now that leaves the acting. It sounds like they’re trying so hard to feel but there’s a deep apathy inside that makes the lines fall flat. Even Game of Thrones‘ Iwan Rheon seems distant and above it all. Now, I haven’t read the comics so I don’t know exactly how these characters should be portrayed, but I imagine Maximus is rather consistent about his coup ideas. It should come as no surprise when he finally goes through with one of his plans. I imagined his character as a lot more seedy and a little unhinged, not the perfectly sane and apathetic version we see in the trailer.

In addition, I imagine Medusa is supposed to be a strong-willed woman with a temper. Even when she attacks Maximus at the end of the trailer, she looks more like that damn spot won’t come out than actually angry.

To anyone who has read the comics, please comment and let me know what you think of the trailer in comparison to the comic.


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