Overcooked: Special Edition Release Date For The Switch July 27

Overcooked, one of the cutest and best couch co-op games that will quite literally make and break friendships, is to be released in Special Edition form on the Nintendo Switch come this Thursday, July 27. The Special Edition includes the base game, both DLCs which are the Lost Morsel, and Festive Seasoning.

Though the game was released last year on the PS4 and Xbox One, it will be a welcome game for the Switch, as it is the ultimate co-op console. Though it would definitely be nice if regular consoles came with more than one controller, Nintendo seems to be the only one with co-op in mind.

As such, Overcooked is a game for plenty of swearing and good times, somewhere between the low scores and frantic pace. If you don’t already know, Overcooked is a chaotic cooking game, where the goal is to prepare food, cook it, and serve it on plates. Easy, surely? Not a chance. Some levels have your kitchen as parts of a moving truck that doesn’t always stay together, or a kitchen on ice with ice physics that will have you falling off or praying you hit the right button at the right time. Nevermind the demanding customers that put in order after order for you to attempt to fill.

You can choose from 22 different chefs to represent what you want to look like each session. All of them are generally silly in some way. The raccoon, for example, is in a wheelchair for some reason, or you can be a robot, dinosaur, or bulldog – whatever suits your fancy in the moment.

Overcooked isn’t just about short frantic sessions either, there are plenty of levels to try for both single player and up to four players locally or online. There are 44 campaign missions for the single player and nine competitive versus levels for the multiplayer modes.

If you’re interested, Overcooked: Special Edition will be available to buy via the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 USD.



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