Pokémon For The Nintendo Switch Coming 2018

It was announced a little while after the Switch came out that there would be a Pokémon game for the console made by Game Freak. The latter being a development team that have been responsible for the majority of Pokémon games for the past few years. Unfortunately, as much as we wanted to hear more, we heard nothing about the future game at E3 2017.Pokémon For The Nintendo Switch Coming 2018

Now, however, Nintendo has released an earnings report that gives a brief run-down of a few upcoming games for the Switch. Most of them we already know about, but it did say that the Pokémon game would coming “2018 or later.” They might as well be saying that the game will come eventually, but it’s not important right now.

Odd, since Pokémon and Zelda games have for so long been the main two games that sold Nintendo consoles. However it is likely that Nintendo wishes to focus on other series iterations like Mario Odyssey and Sonic. Meaning that we probably won’t be getting a new Pokémon game for quite awhile. So hang on your Joy-Cons and keep playing Breath of the Wild until you’ve found all Shrines and all the Kokoro. Or keep playing Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon on your 3DS until we hear more.

Due to the nature of these delays, I doubt Nintendo has much in mind about the details of the game itself. Gameplay will likely remain unchanged, unless they are willing to take a surprising direction with the franchise, like they did with Breath of the Wild. A kind of re-vamp and back to the roots, all at the same time. Perhaps we’ll see a game that combines itself with Pokémon Go, or just incorporates elements of the game. Like the AR side of things, though how the Switch will be able to do so without the use of a camera makes this a questionable possibility.


What would you like to see in a Pokémon game for the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo


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