Next Battlefield Game Coming 2018

In a recent earnings call, EA revealed that the next Battlefield game after Battlefield 1 will be released in 2018 and the next Star Wars game will come from Visceral in 2019. As the report states, EA plans on continuing the Battlefield franchise by the behest of the fans. If the next Battlefield game were to come out next year, it will likely be in October in order to stay consistent with previous release dates around the same time.

Certainly a short window for development, hopefully these plans will have been in place longer than a year by the time the next Battlefield comes out.Next Battlefield Game Coming 2018

EA did not mention which developing team would be on the Battlefield game, but they did mention the next Star Wars game would be coming from Visceral. There was no concrete release date for the latter beyond 2019.

The earnings call also mentioned Anthem as remaining within the “2019 and beyond window.” More interestingly, EA described Anthem as a game that is “influenced by players as they band together and support each other in their journeys.”

An open world that is influenced by multiple players going on quests at the same time. This makes Anthem sound very much like a multiplayer focused game. Perhaps EA is trying their hand at a kind of FPS multiplayer where players can customize their own mech and hunt down a variety of enemies. Or simply go on quests together with a party like an MMO.

It seems unlikely that EA would allow BioWare to make an MMO, as they seem to be far more interested in a much faster profit than the slow build up of MMOs. Depending, of course, on how they make it. There are of course many different methods to achieve such multiplayer elements, and any of them could be used to describe Anthem in such a way.

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