The Evil Within 2 Crafting Details

Bethesda has revealed that they have much improved The Evil Within 2 crafting and upgrade system. First and foremost, they’ve separated upgrades to Sebastian and to weapons. They take different resources now, as opposed to the first game’s upgrade system. Secondly, Bethesda has put a much “heavier emphasis on player choice” so you can absolutely customize your play style to however you prefer to handle the horrors within the game. As game director John Johanas states, “we’re opening Union up to the players’ wishes and unique play styles.”

Despite all these fun customization tools, you still have to keep in mind that The Evil Within 2 is still a survival horror game – there’s no taking it easy here, no matter what play style you have. You can create a “hardier, faster, and sneakier” Sebastian, but there’s no “invincible killing machine” option here. Play it smart and you might not die too many times.

But how does it all really work? If you’ve played the first game, you’ll be happy to know that Green Gel is not required for upgrading both Sebastian and weapons. Again, the systems are separate this time around. Green Gel will be used only for Sebastian’s upgrades, and Weapon Parts will be for your weapons, obviously.

The Sebastian skill tree will fall under five categories, including health, stealth, combat, recovery, and athleticism. Under these you can also gain special abilities for a much higher price of Green Gel. Bethesda gives the example of Bullet Cascade under the combat tree. This will allow you to temporarily increase the damage you deal with your guns, but the effect only lasts so long.

The weapons customization is no less extensive, including upgrade options for ammo type, ammo capacity, reload time, and fire rate. An important thing to note here is that you can craft your own ammunition. You’ll have to take it back to a workbench and craft there, or use significantly more resources to craft on the spot. The crafting at the workbench also includes healing supplies, not just ammo.

There’s even a crossbow you can use, but for more details, please check out the source link below. Bethesda breaks down all the details you need to know and more.

Source: Bethesda


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