Hunt: Showdown Gameplay Trailer

Back at E3 2014, Crytek had proudly shown off a game they called Hunt: Horror of the Gilded Age. It was only one level, but it was essentially a survival game with shotguns versus zombies. It had great potential and journalists were happy to report such.

Unfortunately, not long afterwards the studio making Horror of the Gilded Age was shut down and the IP was shipped back to headquarters. Here, the Crytek team took another look at the game and decided against trying to keep the game as is. Thus, the IP has been renamed Hunt: Showdown and is now a far more subtle kind of horror. It’s like they took the TV show Supernatural and turned it into a hardcore survival game. You still hunt supernatural monsters, you send them back to hell, and you have to watch out for other hunters that want to kill you and take your bounty.

There are several very interesting mechanics that could be either very annoying or heighten the game’s tension, I’d have to play it myself to be sure. One of these, is that your voice is heard in game – other players not on your team can hear you. Not entirely unusual, but a key element when you’re trying to hide from said players. In addition, the sound of your voice only has such a range, so you and your partner have to stick close together.

There are also environmental cues to tell you if another player or two are stalking you, like birds taking flight, rustling bushes, or more obvious shots fired in the distance. So somewhere between hunting down terrifying monsters like the pictured Butcher with a pig face, and other players, you really have to figure out how you want to survive.

Needless to say, Hunt: Showdown sounds like a tension filled game where you will be hunting through the swamps of Louisiana and praying something or someone doesn’t kill you.


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