Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Skins

Overwatch Summer Games 2017 is finally here and live! It will of course include Lúcioball, a mode that works much like soccer, only with Lúcio’s Soundwave attack used to move the ball. According to Blizzard, this time around means that the ability will no longer pull the ball towards the player. Instead the ability increases Lúcio’s speed and the speed of the attack itself. Lúcioball will also have a competitive rank mode, if you happen to interested in a little friendly competition that might get a little rough, depending on your teams.

In addition to the new game mode, comes a brand new batch of skins for all of the game’s heroes. Most are beach themed and have plenty of tongue in cheek jokes to enjoy. Soldier: 76 is probably my favorite, with his “A-salt rifle” and “raise the steaks” on his bullet vest. And let’s not forget the red hawaiian shirt under all that armor. McCree, however, lost his shirt in favor of a towel. Of course, to display those washboard abs for anyone interested. McCree also sports a lifeguard backpack and whistle, along with one sexy straw hat.

My personal favorite is of course Widowmaker. She’s rocking a lovely bikini, white cat-eye sunglasses, and an overall 40s look that is sure to make the fans swoon. Speaking of swooning, it seems her regular armor covers up a lot of great tattoos, most spider themed, of course.

The rest include Mercy as the Greek goddess Nike, Sombra in snorkeling gear, and Junkrat in a very worn cricket uniform. The sizzle reel of all the new skins is posted above, which also shows glimpses of the new Sydney stadium for Lúcioball. You can start collecting these amazing skins today, as the Summer Games officially opened this morning. The event will be running until August 29, 2017, so you’ve got plenty of time to collect as much loot as you can. You can also buy last year’s event gear at the reduced price for the duration of the event.


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