Overwatch League Adds London and Los Angeles Teams

Blizzard has announced two new teams that will be joining the Overwatch League. The first will be based in London and assembled by Cloud9. This organization has been a part of eSports since 2012 and will be picking their team from across the UK and Europe. A truly international team that will bring a large fanbase from all around the continent. Founder of Cloud9 Jack Etienne is very excited to bringing a European team to Overwatch League so that “the UK now has a local team to call their own.”Overwatch League Adds London and Los Angeles Teams

The second team is to be based in Los Angeles and assembled by Stan and Josh Kroenke of KSE eSports. Both of these fellows are also sport industry veterans, owning several professional teams, statdiums, and media holdings around the world.

Their expertise is sure to lend a helping a hand to give Overwatch League an excellent kickoff. Cofounder of KSE eSports Josh Kroenke states that they are “going to build a great team for Los Angeles that inspires fans near and far.” Inspiration is certainly Kroenke’s goal, as he goes on to say that the communities created by “competitive experiences” like eSports and Overwatch League are one of the most “incredibly rewarding.” Overwatch League is sure to be no different and provide a special experience to all.

KSE eSports and Cloud9 are certainly organizations to keep an eye on, as the owners of the Overwatch League teams prove that eSports is anything but a fad. Especially given that eSports will likely be entering the Olympics soon as well. Of course, keeping a watch on these folks will also mean eventually finding out what these teams are going to call themselves. As Nerd Much’s Bobby Bernstein explains, there’s a method to the naming of these teams and it’s as important as anything else in eSports.

If you’re interested in joining up and think you’re good enough, the player signing for Overwatch League won’t end until October 30, 2017.

Source: Blizzard


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