Absolver Character Customization Detailed in Newest Trailer

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With the release date of August 29 coming up fast, Sloclap has revealed some more details about their game, Absolver. Character customization isn’t just about the mask, it seems that even when you start out the game, there is story to tell.

Where you’re from within the game’s universe can change more than just your skin color. If you’re from a certain area, you might be wearing the clothes that are custom to that area and you will be thusly allowed to keep them. It not made clear if you can choose this option or if it randomly generated by the game.

You can also arrive in rags, as the trailer states, without even a mask for yourself. You’ll be given plain clothes and a mask, which you will exchange in the future for better clothes. Your plain mask will be “enchanted in the folding ceremony,” which must mean that you get to choose some kind of minor upgrade to start with.

Perhaps it’s a little like picking the kind of build you want to work up to, as opposed to starting off as a deprived fellow. Under this plain clothes option, you’ll be able to choose your origin, gender, and hair styles. Not much, but it is better than nothing.

Other clothing and mask choices will be found in a place said in the trailer that I am not confident enough to try spelling it. It’s not clear if this is a shop or a series of level 1 options before you get out there and find the good stuff on your own.

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Nonetheless, the menu clip does show that each piece of armor and clothing affects stats like protection against general blunt attacks, cutting attacks, mobility, and compatibility with specific attacks, like weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and speed.

As much as I can make out anyway, there a lot of glyphs that could mean just about anything, like a strong arm flexing, and the below is just a hand. Please comment if you have a better guess, I’d certainly like to know more about this game and I can’t wait to play it myself.

Are you looking forward to Absolver? What kind of build are hoping to will be available to you? Let us know in the comments below!

Absolver is coming out August 29 on PC, and PS4.


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