Bandai’s #Projekt1514 Teaser Trailer

They are calling it #Projekt1514 and teaser shows us a city and what look like empty battlefields.

Bandai Namco had most recently announced Code Vein, and now it seems we have yet another mysterious title to parse out. They are calling it #Projekt1514 and teaser shows us a variety of settings, the city and what look like empty battlefields. Well, without all the carnage. More the video game version, with conveniently waist-high cement blocks everywhere, clearly marked with black and yellow tape.

The sound of gunshots can be heard throughout the trailer, though there is no direct evidence  seen of either bullet, gun, or person. Otherwise, we see very worn and rusted buildings, with hints of desert-like dust, hinting at a post apocalyptic setting.

The trees on the street corners look stunted and dead, without leaves or the appropriate life-like color. Lastly we have the five pops of shots fired to the red logo at the end, which are the letters FB (wow, Facebook has really changed their logo this time around) underlined with two lines of heated metal or fire.

Bandai Namco describes these features as “military battlefield, bullets, shots, and dark atmospheres” and asks “which world is this? What are they fighting for?” Who are “they?” Why the hashtag in the title?

#Projekt1514 is being developed by Dimps, who are known for games like Street Fighter 4 and 5, and few Sonic and Dragon Ball Z games. Lots of anime-based games, which makes #Projekt1514 look very different from the rest of their portfolio – though we’ll have to see more of the game before we can say that for sure.

More of #Projekt1514 will hopefully appear at the upcoming Gamescom, as quite a few publishers and developers are holding off tons of game announcements and details for the event. We’ll just have to wait and see what Bandai Namco brings us.

I admit too, that I quietly wonder if the numbers 1514 have any relation to Looking Glass Studios’ legendary 0451 signature. It seems unlikely, however, as any reference to the number is usually in the right order. In addition, Bandai Namco has published very few post-apocalyptic games besides Dark Souls.

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