Absolver Gameplay Trailer: Multiplayer Modes

Become a student and gain access to your mentor's combat deck.

Sloclap has released yet another informative trailer, giving us a few more details of Absolver‘s gameplay. This time, the various multiplayer modes including: cooperative combat, mentors and students, and competitive modes. As you can tell, you can play Absolver in a variety of ways. In cooperative combat, you can get together with other players to gang up on a series of enemies. This way you share the experience gained with all the members. Each of you will learn new moves together and progress on your path to Absolution.

Mentors and students we’ve already heard about. This is where you take on a student and teach them, gaining experience and loot as you do. Or, become a student and gain access to your mentor’s combat deck, even if you haven’t the learned all the moves yet.

Competitive mode allows you to battle other players directly in a specific arena. This is usually a random player, or a friend if you so choose. In order to win, you have to strike your opponent three times successively. It is likely more of a challenge than you might think, especially against equally skilled players.

Within the world of Absolver you will encounter both AI-controlled opponents and live players on your own “server” in a way. Once another player is encountered, all of the above options are available, you can choose how to approach the situation.

After the game launches, Sloclap has announced that there will be many free content updates to come. These updates include the much requested 3 versus 3 mode, ranked matches, and spectator mode. These addition will come along with new combat styles and moves for all player’s combat decks.

Once again, Absolver proves to be a very interesting game. It may not be an immediate buy yet, but once the game is out we will be in a better position to judge it.

Absolver will be coming to the PS4 and PC August 29.


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