New Monster Hunter: World Trailer Shows New Wildspire Waste Area

With a new area comes new monsters.

Capcom is proud to reveal another Monster Hunter: World trailer before Gamescom kicks off. In this trailer we get to catch a glimpse of a new location, Wildspire Waste. It’s a climatological nightmare, where the dry expanses of deserts reside in the same region as rich and green swamplands. With a new area comes new monsters.

Like the Kulu-Ya-Ku, a monster that takes the theory that dinosaurs had feathers and runs with it. This bird-like creature often wanders into between the Wildspire Waste and the Ancient Forest to steal other monster’s eggs. In the trailer, the Kulo-Ya-Ku also appears to enjoy picking up random objects and chucking them at the attacking player. Depending on your play style, that might get a little annoying.

Another new monster is at the very end of the trailer, we only just see it lifting its head for a full-bellied roar. It appears to be lava themed, with cracks of bright orange along its otherwise black charcoal hide. Its hide, much like a Barroth also featured in the trailer, does appear to be made out of rock. Something less fragile than charcoal of course, more like the implied lava rock. This lava monster seems to dwell in chasms similar to itself, blending in a little too well. It would certainly be fun if the player wouldn’t be able to find the monster until they were literally walking on it.

As already mentioned, the Barroth makes an appearance in Monster Hunter: World as well. This series favorite searches the Wildspire Waste for food, usually in the form of ants. What better meal for such a large creature than one of the smallest insects of the world. That doesn’t make the Barroth any less dangerous. It is quite a territorial creature and will attack anyone that invades the area.

Monster Hunter: World comes to the PS4 and Xbox One in Early 2018. A PC release will follow at a later date.


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