Final Fantasy XV Coming To PC Early 2018

The "stunning visual experience" Nvidia created is "one worthy of this beloved franchise."

Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy XV will be launching on the PC in early 2018. The version comes in partnership with Nvidia GameWorks technology, so there’s plenty of graphical enhancements included. These will add “physics simulation,” and support Nvidia’s capture and share tools.

According to the director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata, the “stunning visual experience” Nvidia created is “one worthy of this beloved franchise.” It’s the kind of innovation that pushes the industry and “benefits gamers and developers alike.”

But let’s stop talking about how great it is and get down to the technical details. Included in the PC edition will be support for Nvidia Flow, HairWorks, ShadowWorks, TurfEffects, VXAO, Ansel, and ShadowPlay Highlights. As can be seen in the trailer, Flow provides vivid fire and smoke effects. HairWorks is in the name, giving all fur and hair more dimension and depth. ShadowWorks allows characters within the game to cast shadows on themselves. Meaning if they hold up an arm over their face, the shadow of their arm will be there according to the appropriate light source.

TurfEffects is what keeps the grass moving in the wind and general vegetation to look diverse. VXAO adds to the shadow and light effects, enhancing them to looks as real as possible. Ansel is a part of the camera mode, allowing players to capture whichever moment they like with the even more composition tools than Instagram. ShadowPlay Highlights is a feature much like what the PS4 has, automatically taking screenshots and videos of “the player’s greatest gaming achievements.”

Whether all of these features will translate well to your version of the game certainly depends on what gadgets you have in your PC build. Square Enix doesn’t mention what the minimum requirements are, but all PC builds are different.

There will also be some bonus content in the PC edition of Final Fantasy XV, including free updates that came with the console versions, DLCs originally only available through the Season Pass, and a first-person mode for those players that want a bit of a gameplay challenge.


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