Super Mario Odyssey Luncheon Trailer

We can now see that the Luncheon Kingdom is filled to the brim with food like mussels, prawns, and onions.

During a livestream presentation at Gamescom 2017, director of Super Mario Odyssey Yoshiaki Koizumi gave us a glimpse of another world in the game. This one is called Luncheon Kingdom. As with with New Donk City, we’ve seen this one in the initial trailers as well. This was the one with the rather unique and different art style from the rest of the game.

A more basic polygon theme, if you fill, lots of bright colors and simpler graphics. We can now see that the Luncheon Kingdom is filled to the brim with food like mussels, prawns, and onions. More specifically, Italian and European foods, according to Koizumi, because of their rich diversity. Unfortunate, as Japanese bento boxes can be very fun an intricate. Especially in the context of children’s food. I mean, a Pikachu made out of rice? I’m in.

But what are you to do with all the food? Well, some of it is small enough to move. Throw it in a pot of stew to earn coins and complete quests. But before you can really get down to business (stop singing, or I’ll make a man out of you) you’ll need to purchase she chef’s hat and outfit from the Luncheon Kingdom’s Crazy Cap store. Some of these clothes are specific to certain Kingdoms, so be sure to check out every Crazy Cap store you come across on your journeys.

Koizumi was also kind enough to explain the game’s “capture mechanic,” stating that you use the cap to “take over” just about anything in the world you encounter. In this case, Mario comes across a large pool of piping hot pink lava (pun absolutely intended) and has to capture one of the bright orange Lava Bubbles. In this form Mario can literally go anywhere, moving as freely as if he has his invincibility cap on.

After that slip-sliding fun, we meet Hammer Bros. But this is the Luncheon Kingdom, they’re throwing frying pans, not hammers. In order to avoid the worst of this, Mario takes over one of the Hammer Bros. and uses the frying pans to destroy cheese blocks (which are apparently part of quest in this Kingdom) and the other Hammer Bros. enemies.

Super Mario Odyssey will launch come October 27, 2017, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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