Metroid: Samus Returns Gameplay Trailer

Most of these are Aeion abilities, which are fuelled by a special energy bar on your screen.

Nintendo has shown us yet another trailer for Metrioid: Samus Returns, and this one gives us plenty of details about Samus’ abilities. A lot of these abilities are brand new to the series and include the Scan Pulse, Beam Burst, Lightning Armor, Phase Drift, Morph Ball, Ice Beam, Space Jump, Spider Ball, and Grapple Beam.

Most of these are Aeion abilities, which are fuelled by a special energy bar on your screen. How you recharge is unclear, it may have to do with the melee counter mentioned at the beginning of the trailer. Nonetheless, the abilities it provides are very cool. The Scan Pulse will allow you to check out your current surroundings and reveal any breakable barriers to hidden paths.

Beam Burst increases the firing rate of Samus’ arm cannon and it expands the beam as well. This allows Samus to hit more targets at once. The Lightning Armor keeps Samus invincible for a little while, until the meter goes out. This help her get through some of the more impossible areas of the game. Phase Drift is the ability to slow down everything around her, like enemies and hazardous environments.

The rest of the abilities are power-up you can acquire within the game and do not use up the Aeion meter, of which you might be more familiar with. The Morph Ball turns Samus into a compact ball that can roll fast through small and confined areas. The Ice Beam can be shot at enemies to freeze them and promptly be used as platforms.

The Space Jump is infinite upward motion, each time you press the button, you can jump higher and higher without the need to land on a platform. The Spider Ball is essentially a magnet, sticking Samus to certain walls and allowing her to continue her adventures. The Grapple Beam, the last and most important staple of the series, will not only allow Samus to swing across great chasms, but it can also destroy blocks if need be.

Metroid: Samus Returns launches for the Nintendo 3DS on September 15, 2017.

metroid samus returnsMetroid: Samus Returns
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