BioMutant Gameplay Trailer: 11 Minutes Of Action

I'm getting a lot of Bastion vibes from this one.

It seems that Gamescom 2017 is filled with videos pertaining to THQ Nordic’s new title, BioMutant. This time we’ve got an 11 minute gameplay trailer from IGN, always the first and lucky ducks with gameplay videos.

This one shows off quite a lot about the gameplay mechanics and a little of the story as well, including character customization, weapon modification, player choice, enemies, and combat.

Some might compare this game to Zelda or Metroid, but I’m getting a lot of Bastion vibes from this one. The impression has everything to do with the reactionary narrator, art style, the design of the main character, and even the story. In Bastion, the world is disappearing and it’s up to you to rebuild it. In BioMutant, the world is slowly being infected and you have to restore it. Serious restoration themes here.

Bastion shares a similar narrator, complete with cynical western tones. The art style BioMutant‘s environment feels exactly like what a 3D first-person version of Bastion would look like. The little critter that you create in BioMutant again, looks like it would belong in the world of Bastion without a second thought.

That said, you can make your character look fairly wild. As you can see in the trailer, you can have bright pink or purple fur to match with a bright blue. At least you’ll stand out from everything else in the world you’ll be adventuring within. There will be no losing your character in the fray of a fight, that’s for sure.

The weapon modification comes when this little critter discovers a workshop. Here you can craft whole new weapons or add-ons to your current ones. The player in this video upgraded his sword and guns, though his sword continues to be more effective than his guns.

Player choice comes with almost every direction you take, what enemies you fight or don’t fight, and who you decide to save. That’s just what we saw in the video, there is clearly far more you can do to control the narrative of the game. Like the karma points you can acquire, which were shown at the moment the character is presented with a fork in the road.

You can either place yourself in the negative, with -10 points to the Anti-Hero category or +10 points to the Righteous category. Though hopefully the developers will keep in mind that “anti-hero” does not mean “evil” or “antagonist.” An anti-hero is a character that starts out as the evil foil to the hero, and eventually redeems themselves somehow and ends up on the side of hero before the end of the story. Like Zuko, from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The enemies within this video come in quite the variety, from the large and powerful Lupa-Lupin to the Sludge-Soaker. Both are large ogre-like creatures with specific traits. The Lupa-Lupin is wolf-like as the name implies, and the Sludge-Soaker is white and attempts to cover you in sticky goo.

Every time you kill an enemy, you gain biopoints. This the currency that allows you to construct mutations, which help you both in traversal and combat. For example, if you gain the ability to create mushrooms you can use them as springboards to get to higher ledges, or dodge powerful enemies.

BioMutant will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.

biomutant BioMutant
Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC

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