Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Opening Cinematic Trailer

Because why not, this is a rabbids game.

Courtesy of GameSpot, comes the cinematic opening for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. This video finally answers the question of how, exactly, the two worlds collided. The scene opens with a pair of mysteriously gloved hands tinkering and soldering what appears to be a VR head set.

It turns out to be a little more AR when the apparently female voice puts it on. A virtual assistant appears, by the name of Beep-0, the little white and blue machine we’ve seen leading our favorite characters around the game world before. Less ears at the moment.

This inventor apparently plans on fixing the energy crisis with the headset, which is called the SuperMerge. She attempts to set an example of this by pointing her headset at her desk lamp and flower pot. Flowers which most certainly wouldn’t be able to grow in a basement with next to no light and certainly wouldn’t be able to bloom. Maybe the desk lamp is a grow light.

Regardless, the SuperMerge does just that, merging the flowers and lamp together. Despite this success, the SuperMerge overheats yet again and the inventor groans with exasperation.

She takes off the headset and gets up, forgetting to turn it off before she leaves. We sit in view of her lovely NES controller rug before the SuperMerge comes to life and zaps out a washing machine. Because why not, this is a rabbids game. From this lovely front-loading version, rabbids spill out like the infestation they are.

The rabbids wreak havoc in the inventors space, breaking, swinging, stealing, whatever they manage to get their hands on. Beep-0 is thoroughly unimpressed and tries to stop them. It’s like trying to stop a flood, which only gets worse when a rabbid decides to put on the SuperMerge.

The headset, of course, malfunctions again and starts to merge the rabbids with whatever they happen to be near or holding onto at the moment. Then a portal is opened and everyone is falling from a great height.

As everyone is falling, it becomes quite clear that the rabbid wearing the SuperMerge cannot control the malfunctions, much less able to take it off. By the end of cinematic is becomes clear that the overall mission is to fetch the rabbid wearing the SuperMerge and stop it from causing further destruction.

Well, there you have it. The whole of the plot presented all in one go. Mario+ Rabbids Kingdom Battle releases August 29, 2017 on the Nintendo Switch.

Is this story enough to hold your interest in the game? Is the gameplay more important or do you think it will fall short too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom BattleMario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Available on Nintendo Switch

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