Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer: War For Their World

Inhumans should be in a film 101 textbook next to the The Room.

Here we are, once again, with a trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans. The show debuts on IMAX September 1, 2017, and then ABC television September 29. Unfortunately, the trailer has done nothing to redeem the show.

Let’s dig in. The first thing you might notice is Medusa’s lack of hair at the very end. Is this in response to comments on the hair ever since that first photo was released? We’ll never know, as the comics has quite a few incidences in which Medusa loses her hair. It is for a variety of reasons and is usually fairly emotional for the Queen and never a good sign. That said, she always proves herself a superb fighter despite not being able to use her hair as a weapon.

Honestly, she looks a million times better without the hair and feels much more threatening when she’s beating up the as yet unknown character in that clip. The terrible CG we’ve caught of her trying to choke the King’s brother looks like an effort in futility. So much so, that it is almost hilarious that the hair did any harm at all. It just doesn’t look threatening, sharp, or anything a weapon should be.

Personally, I still can’t get over the terrible cinematography of the shots in these trailers. It is so much a lesson in what not to do, it should be in a film 101 textbook next to the The Room. Take the scene where the King is sitting on his throne. Everything here falls flat, from the actor’s expression to lighting. You can backlight your actor any day, but don’t do it with an equally bright front light. Never mind that shapes on the wall outline the actor’s face in such a way as to make it seem like a bad photoshop job. You know, that tell-tale white line that indicates a picture has been inserted where it doesn’t belong.

Speaking of not belonging, take a look at the actor’s expression. He looks like he’s doing something a lot less noble than sitting on a throne, if you catch my meaning. This doesn’t look like a King sitting on his throne, this looks like a man about to blurt out a grunt of effort. Hopefully context will help in the future.

The Inhumans TV series has yet to redeem itself but we shall see when it finally comes out. Will it be so bad it’s good? Or will the show just be lesson in bad filmmaking? Personally, nothing is more fun than tearing something apart critically.


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