Frostpunk Gameplay Trailer

We once again have a brutal survival game framed inside a very brutal reality.

11 bit studios, responsible for the critically acclaimed This War of Mine, has announced a brand new title, Frostpunk. In the same vein as their previous game, Frostpunk plays with the players morality versus their sense of survival. We once again have a brutal survival game framed inside a very brutal reality. Instead of war, it’s the frozen remains of an apocalypse.

You are still in the city, but it is seems to be a top-down gameplay this time around, with a large decision tree to show your progress and what you can and cannot do. As you build your city, it is up to you to keep your citizen happy and healthy. Though if you’ve played This War of Mine, you know how nearly impossible this is. You can’t just meet their basic needs and hope for the best.

Two decisions are shown in the trailer. The first being the question of child labour. A child has been injured, what do you do? Remove child labour entirely and risk a loss in productivity, move the children to lighter tasks, or go full-steam ahead and ignore the morality of it all.

I will say this, 11 bit studios is good at presenting the paragon and renegade as both having gameplay risks, not just personal moral ones. Even if the supposed middle-ground decision is probably the most morally ambiguous than the renegade one.

The idea is to push your micro-society to moral and survival limits by trying to make the best laws and decisions for everyone. It’s all up to the player to deal with the consequences and learn perhaps a little about themselves in the process.

Frostpunk is somewhere between a tactical city-building sim and a race between morality and survival. Who will win depends on the player.

For those interested, Frostpunk will be playable at PAX West on Level 4, Booth #133. There is not release date for the game yet and is thus far on PC only.


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