Nintendo Switch Pokémon Games to Feature ‘Higher Level of Expression’

New features shouldn't be too "complicated" for the average gamer.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Pokémon CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed a few vague details about the upcoming Pokémon title coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The title hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it has been known for quite some time. Nintendo would be remiss indeed if they didn’t make a Pokémon game for the Switch. It is, after all, one of the three franchises that come with every Nintendo console has an exclusive.Nintendo Switch Pokemon Games to Feature 'Higher Level of Expression'

Though, and as Ishihara points out, a Pokémon game on the Switch will be the first time the franchise has formally been put on the big screen.

Others have come before it, like the Pokken Tournament games, but never an official core Pokémon game.

Ishihara states that the big screen will allow the developers to include “a higher level of expression” and “a whole different world with graphics and sound.” They will be taking advantage of the portable and home gameplay options, like multiplayer. Though it likely won’t be anything to do with the network connectivity.

As Ishihara says, the Switch isn’t necessarily online all the time and that part at least will remain the same as it is with other Pokémon games.

Ishihara also wants to make sure that whatever new features the game will have, they won’t be too “complicated” for the average gamer. He seems to be referring specifically to any multiplayer or co-op modes and how those will work within the game. Understandable, if slightly poor phrasing.

With the existence of Pokken Tournament, it is difficult to see how co-op play will work. As much fun as it would be to battle Pokémon like an ARMS tournament instead.

Perhaps Nintendo will go ahead with such an idea anyway, despite a Pokken Tournament game coming to the Switch already. It is anyone’s guess at this point, but it’s good to hear that the developers plan on making more than just a regular Pokémon game for the Switch.

Source: Bloomberg


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