Absolver Soundtrack Available Now

"A fascinating, balletic score that complements the fluid combat."

Composed and written by Austin Wintory, who also made the music for Journey and Abzû, the Absolver soundtrack is available now. There are 20 tracks in total and they come in all formats, including digital, physical CD, and vinyl.Absolver Soundtrack Available Now

One track is especially important, titled the “Risyn Boss Theme.” It was made in collaboration with RZA, who are known for their work on Wu-Tang Clan and Afro Samurai. RZA helped to build on the aesthetic of Absolver, resulting in “a fascinating, balletic score that complements the fluid combat.”

Wintory himself described each battle as two players “engaged in a ballet together,” and the music reflects that. Though apparently each encounter is less of a battle and more of “combat through friendship” according to creative director Pierre Tarno.

As such, Wintory composed the music “in a pure and holistic way about the emotional experience” of the game itself. This “underlying empathy” is what makes up all of this soundtrack, what makes up Absolver as an experience between friends and adversaries that are there to strengthen you more than they are to take you down. Though that is a goal too.

In this way, Wintory was happy to avoid the usual tropes and “clichés of the martial arts genre.” Which I suppose are a great of classic Chinese instruments, especially the gong and drums.

For all the vinyl collectors out there, the vinyl version is produced by Laced Records and includes cover artwork from El Huervo, who also worked on the covers for Hotline Miami and else.heartbreak. The vinyl will come in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. Unfortunately if you like Huervo’s art, he won’t be on the CD version. The latter will instead feature artwork from Angela Bermúdez, again on the cover of the physical and digital copies.

Absolver is available now for the PS4 and PC.

Source: BandCamp


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