Switchblade Trailer: 5v5 Vehicle Shooter

So imagine if Rocket League and Overwatch collided at a high speed.

Alright folks, strap in. Lucid Games is an indie studio with only slightly more employees than Ashes of Creation. The trailer is pretty tight, so we can’t tell you if that’s for the best or not. But we can still see a lot of potential here.

Switchblade is less about pretty knives and more about which vehicle is best for destroying the most enemies and their towers. You can switch between a variety of heavily armoured vehicles at any time during the battle. Each session is 5v5 and the idea is to help your team destroy the oppositions towers.

One of the main tactics within the game is to “escort explosive mobs to opposition towers and take out their defensive shields.” With the shields down, all hell breaks loose from there. All you have to do is blast the core of the tower and it will be down for the count. The more towers you destroy under the time limit, the more victory points you’ll win.

One of the scenarios described for the kind of strategy the game allows is when you are chasing down an enemy. Once you get in nice and close, you can switch to a “heavy-duty battlewagon” and attack to heart’s content. Your team members can back you up by switching to healers or artillery.

So imagine if Rocket League and Overwatch collided at a high speed. Being able to switch class whenever you want mid-battle is certainly a very interesting mechanic. I wonder if it will be too over-powered or if because everyone has the capability, that makes it fair. Could you imagine playing as something like Widowmaker and when an enemy gets too close, switch to Reinhart? Your enemy could switch to Sombra, book it out of there, and the chase would be on – only you’d be on wheels.

I don’t think Switchblade will be quite as advanced as the characters of Overwatch, but the potential is there. This could be a really fun game if done right. We certainly hope to see more soon.

Switchblade is coming on the PS4 and PC, though there is not confirmed release date yet. You can join the closed beta today on the game’s website, linked below. If you happen to be in Birmingham from September 21 – 24, 2017 at the EGX expo, you can meet the developers and play the game there.

Source: Switchblade


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