City of Brass Arrives In Steam Early Access

It’s important to keep playing and as they say, get good.

City of Brass, the hack n’ slash game from Uppercut Games, is out now on Steam’s Early Access for $20 USD. But the sale will only last until September 24, then the price will be $25.City of Brass Arrives In Steam Early Access

The Early Access version of the game has 12 levels for the players to climb up, with a procedurally-generated city, enemies, and traps. So each time you go in, it’ll be completely different (though how completely is yet to be seen) and you might even meet new enemies to contend with.

According to lead designer Ed Orman City of Brass has a lot of discovery and excitement to offer, with evolving tactics, gear, relics, and traps. You’ll never be able to anticipate too much, so it’s important to keep playing and as they say, get good. There will be daily challenges for the Early Access players, with which they have compete with others on the Steam Leaderboard.

To be more precise, there will be: “2 Districts (City and Gardens), 18 Enemy Classes, 1 Mini Boss Fight, 6 swords, 6 whips, 6 pieces of armour, 11 Relics, 8 Divine Burdens, 17 traps, and 10 Genies.”

More content and features are planning for City of Brass, but they are likely to take some time. Uppercut Games estimates approximately 4-6 months, and then another 6-12 months before the game manages to leave Early Access. They are trying to anticipated a great deal of player feedback and will strive to optimize the game’s balance and “tune the gameplay systems.”

Uppercut Games is of course keeping a little of the game for the final version, to keep players wanting more. The final battle and mysterious prize at the end will remain shrouded in darkness until the game comes out in full.

Be sure to check out the City of BrassSteam page for more information.


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