Second Left Alive Trailer Teases Us With Glimpse of Gameplay

And when we say a glimpse, we mean a glimpse.

For a game that we still know next to nothing about, Left Alive sure has our attention. We’ve seen only a fleeting look at the game’s in engine world. And a close up of just one character via a cut scene. But it’s very clear that former Metal Gear character designer Yoji Shinkawa has brought his prior experience with him. This game certainly has the feel of a Metal Gear outing.

Today’s trailer states that our setting is Novo Slava in the year 2127. While that local is of course fictional, I couldn’t help but get a Russian vibe about the entire sequence. The weather certainly fits the mold, and to a degree does the limited architecture that we get little time with in the trailer. The lone character we get a close up of too has a Russian look about him.

The cut scene sees our lone soldier pulling himself out of what appears to be a recently disabled mech. He then looks out at the landscape in front of him and seems distressed by the complete devastation of the environment that surrounds him. Two helicopters, or possibly drones, then fly above him towards the distance where further battles ensue.

It’s then that we get 5 – exactly 5 – seconds of gameplay from Left Alive. It’s really not much to go on. It’s a third-person shooter with your character running through war torn surroundings. Novo Slava has been nearly completely destroyed. There are cover mechanics on display for a moment too. But then the final seconds of the 5 second tease hints at a one on one gun battle with a towering mech. It could prove to be quite intense.

Square Enix has done a great job making Left Alive one of the premiere stories coming out of the Tokyo Game Show. They plan to release the game in 2018 on the PlayStation 4 and Steam.


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