Fragments of Him Releases On PS4 Today

No matter how different or invisible some groups might be, we all feel similar emotions.

From the studio Sassybot comes Fragments of Him. This is a game that’s been on Steam for almost two years, but has now finally made it to the PS4. You can now buy the game for $9.99 on the console of your choice: Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Co-founder of Sassybot Elwin Verploegen, states that this port to the PS4 has been “a long time in the making” and they are more than excited to finally be bringing “an optimized Fragments of Him to the PS4.” They have all been touched by those who played the game and reacted the way they did, so deeply moved by the experience. As such, Verploegen is happy that the game will now be able to reach the PlayStation audience.

This is a critically acclaimed game, by the likes of Polygon, IGN, and Kill Screen, that focuses on the process of grief. Bringing in the perspectives of four characters, including the deceased, Fragments of Him puts the player in their shoes.

It is one of the very few games out there that manage to ensure that the sexuality of the person deceased is not the main focus. This is a game that teaches no matter how different or invisible certain groups might be to others, we all feel similar emotions. We are all impacted by the death of a loved one with similar grief. It’s only a two and half hour long game, but it is very much worth the price.

Let me also point out that Sassybot is a game studio straight out of university. All of the members were studying at the NHTV University in the International Game Architecture & Design program they have there.

To say the least, this is a remarkable accomplishment and makes me thoroughly jealous of the programs and courses provided by that university. What’s more, Sassybot has an as yet unannounced project in the works at the moment.


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