Xbox Game Pass in October Adds SFIV, State of Decay

If You Like Fighters, Zombies, or Open World Games in Hell – You're Covered

Microsoft has announced what new additions it’s bringing to its Xbox Game Pass program beginning October 1st. And there’s some solid inclusion being brought to the portfolio.

Seven new entries are making their way into the subscription package. There’s Street Fighter IV, the very good Xbox 360 Capcom developed fighter from 2009. State of Decay, Undead Labs’ 2013 action-adventure survival horror game for Xbox 360 jumps in too. And Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell takes the excellent Saints Row formula, throws us into the setting of Hell and adds some wings.

The other four games are smaller projects. The Bug Butcher, an intense 2D action shooter from Awfully Nice Studios. The action RPG from Double Fine, Costume Quest 2. The Locomalito developed arcade action title Maldita Castilla EX – Cursed Castle. And finally, the roguelike single player shooter from Terrible Posture Games, Tower of Guns.

In addition to the new games in October, Microsoft implemented a new feature called Game Pass Goals earlier this month. Already running in the background as part of the program, Game Pass Goals acknowledges different Goals that gamers can accomplish via achievements.

Completing said Goals will seamlessly enter the player into a reward pool. There, you could potentially earn yourself Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Gift Cards, movie downloads, free DLC and more.

For October, Microsoft is targeting “Frightfully Fun” games for their Game Pass Goals. The collection of games has yet to be confirmed, but getting two achievements in any of the games listed that month will potentially net you a reward. Getting six achievements in a Frightfully Fun game makes you eligible for a chance at the Grand Prize that month.

The Xbox Game Pass grants you access to over 100 games with your $9.99 a month subscription.


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