Overwatch League: The Shanghai Dragons

The dragon is a symbol of "that which is sacred, powerful, and supreme."

The Shanghai Dragons are the first Overwatch League to be announced. NetEase, a Chinese internet technology company, is the owner. This team is based in the city of Shanghai, obviously, and are proud to represent their country on the global eSports stage.Overwatch League - The Shanghai Dragons

Their logo is a dragon, a representation of such figures in Chinese culture. The dragon is a symbol of “that which is sacred, powerful, and supreme.” In combination with the team’s name, they “call upon in the history of this symbol.”

The shape of the dragon’s body of course represents the English letter “S” for Shanghai. The grace of such a shape is show “the strategic skill and and flexibility of the team.” And last but not least, the color red harkens to the Shanghai Dragons’ connection to China as a whole.

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CEO of NetEase Willian Ding states that he anticipates the Shanghai Dragons will bring in a larger audience to the eSports stage and of course the loyalty of fans around the country. Ding explains that Overwatch League was an opportunity that could not be missed, if only to gain notoriety from the audience.

The Shanghai Dragons are currently working hard to bring a great season to the Overwatch League audience. They will also bring the pride of their country with them and work to “promote Chinese eSports culture and talent on the world stage.”

Any other colors shown in the logos are yellow, black, and white. If you’d like to learn more about the team, they’ve got a an official Weibo page. Weido is a microblogging site, might like Twitter, specifically for China. Meaning everything will be in Chinese. For those of us unwilling to let Google handle the translating, the team also has a Facebook page and Twitter account.

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