Star Wars Battlefront II Strike Mode Gameplay Trailer

It seems EA didn’t want to copy the movie exactly.

EA has unveiled a new three-minute gameplay trailer for the Star Wars Battlefront II beta. Just in case you are not sure you want to jump in quite yet, the video shows what the Strike Mode looks like.

This is a mode where there are two teams of 8 with a total of 16 players on the map. You can join either the Resistance fighters of the First Order storm troopers.

The object of this mode is essentially capture the flag. It is made after the event in Force Awakens when the First Order tries to steal Rey’s brand new lightsaber. Except it seems EA didn’t want to copy the movie exactly, so instead of a lightsaber, you’re stealing an “artifact” from Mao’s castle.

The video shows off the various environments of the map, as a forest surrounding a large stone building. The terrain is varied enough that you’ll have to watch your footing too, least you stumble into a clearing holding an enemy ship.

We also see the different classes in action. These classes being Specialist, Assault, Heavy, and Officer. Each with their own advantages, regardless of whether or not you pick the Resistance team. So don’t be fooled by the menu selection here.

I must say, the game continues to look great. The environments and players look good, the attention to detail is obviously there. The gameplay looks like a blast as well, with plenty of options to switch gears in combat style with both weapons and melee attacks.

Star Wars Battlefront II beta is available now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Strike and Arcade mode launched this morning. Before that came the battle points, hero challenges, and assault trooper challenges. Upcoming tomorrow and until October 9 are the galactic assault and starfighter multiplayer modes.

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