Super Mario Odyssey Overview Trailer

This new boss looks like a drag-queen gone horribly wrong.

Nintendo has given out one more trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. The game arrives soon, on October 27, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. This new trailer is a basic overview of some of the main gameplay features. Most of it we’ve seen before, but there is actually some new stuff.

For one, we hear Princess Peach actually say “Mario.” Though, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard Peach’s voice. All the way back to the N64 version, for example, she read out the letter in the opening credits.

We see Mario Capture a few new objects as well, like a pylon in New Donk City. My personal favourite is the ball of electricity Mario can become with Cappy. This is used to travel across a power line as lightening speed, as it were.

Though not as cool as ball lightning, Mario can also Capture the camera man from the N64 game. This is a somewhat unnamed creature specific to Mario games, a turtle-like being with glasses, a fishing line, and black-framed glasses. After the frustration of N64 camera angles, this might be a cathartic part of the game for some fans.

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There is also a new boss other than Bowser this time, this one is in the form of a bunny. As best as I can guess, anyway. A bunny with a face like Bowser and wearing far too much make-up. She looks like a drag-queen gone horribly wrong.

Aside from somewhat untoward appearances, this boss uses a ball and chain to attack Mario. The ball is golden and has teeth, also wearing a bright pink hat. This weapon acts more like a pet on a leash, rather than a ball and chain. With the addition of a hat, however, this seems to suggest that more than just Mario and Bowser have these special hat abilities. We shall see when the game comes out.

There is plenty more to see, like Koopa racing and leaderboards, so be sure to check out the trailer above. Stay tuned to Nerd Much? for more of the latest game trailers.

super mario odysseySuper Mario Odyssey
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