The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer

Nothing invokes a deep shudder of fear like touching multiple dead bodies.

Only a few days before The Evil Within 2 releases this Friday, Bethesda wants to keep the hype up with yet another trailer.

We see a little more gameplay this time around, including what seems to be a partner Sebastian works with while in STEM, more monsters, guns, and some new dialogue.

The partner appears to be of similar rank to the main character, carrying a gun and wearing a grey shirt too. She seems determined to help Sebastian, at least from what we can see of the trailer, and significantly less crazy than the other two characters we’ve met so far.

It is unclear if this partner is a sign of an available co-op mode or someone that dies within the first twenty minutes of the game. Nonetheless, help through the nightmare of STEM is always welcome.

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The new monsters look significantly better than they did in the previous game, likely due to the graphical upgrade. There seem to be at least six different enemy types just in this trailer as well, which is a nice change from RE7. All are grotesque in their own way, one screams in your face and grabs your head, another is bulbous and apparently prone to exploding, another is a shadowy ghost with plenty of fabric to make it look otherworldly.

The detail is certainly there, especially when it comes to the enemy types specific to villains Stefan and Theodore. Each shot from their versions of STEM is steeped in stunning visuals out to be very creepy and unnerve the player.

I mean, bodies hanging from the ceiling are nothing new to the average horror game player, but then there is the moment they’re covered in sheets and too close together to avoid touching them. Nothing invokes a deep shudder of fear like touching multiple dead bodies.

The Evil Within 2 comes out on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC October 13, 2017.

The Evil Within 2The Evil Within 2
Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC

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