Cities: Skylines Premium Edition, Expansions to Consoles Announced

Rollout begins in November with the Snowfall update.

Cities: Skylines has been peppering the PC version with updates pretty consistently since the game launched. They also have The Green Cities expansion ready to roll in just one week’s time. But console owners have felt pretty left out of the expansion equation. Well, get ready to join the party.

Paradox Interactive has announced that seven premium DLC packs are headed to console owners of Cities: Skylines. The fun begins with the release of Snowfall coming in November. Snowfall originally released for PC back in February of 2016, so obviously console attention is lagging behind just a bit.

The Snowfall expansion will feature additional snow weather effects within the game – which bring their own unique set of challenges. Paradox says that you’ll have snowplows to keep your streets clean, city-wide heating systems to aid your residents, and new public transit options to get your folks across the city. Snowfall will cost $12.99 if purchased solo.

The total list of downloadable packs coming to the console version of Cities: Skylines is as follows:

Snowfall (Full Expansion)

Natural Disasters (Full Expansion)

Mass Transit (Full Expansion)

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High Tech Buildings (Content Creator Pack)

Art Deco (Content Creator Pack)

Relaxation Station (Radio Station DLC)

Rock City Radio (Radio Station DLC)

Paradox Interactive is giving players the option to purchase the upcoming DLC packs via one convenient Season Pass. For $39.99, you’ll get access to all seven forthcoming add-ons listed above. Also, if you’ve yet to experience the fun that is Cities: Skylines, Paradox has you covered there too. Citi: Skylines – Premium Edition will be available for $69.99 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Premium Edition includes the Cities: Skylines base game, as well as all the seven DLC packs within the Season Pass.

The Snowfall expansion will begin the content rollout on November 14th. No word as of yet whether Paradox intends to bring the latest expansion, The Green Cities, towards an eventual console release.



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