Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Results in Changes

Keep the feedback coming — you will be heard.

EA would like to thank the millions of players that joined the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta, most especially for the feedback they provided. Though they would like you to keep in mind that the Beta was only a small slice of the entire game, and they’ve already begun to make some changes.Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Results

There is plenty more content coming, like a deeper progression system for multiplayer, event-driven live service, and all new gameplay content free for all players – not just the Season Pass folks. You’ll also be earning a lot more in the Crates as you play the single player campaign and complete in-game achievements.

You can also purchase some of these items with in-game money or with Crystals (the Battlefront II version of micro-transactions). Another important note is that if you get a duplicate Star Card, you can use it to craft upgrades for other Star Cards. This, and unlocking certain weapons, requires the player to be a high enough rank (achieved by simply playing the game).

Some of the changes EA is currently considering are: the progression of Strike mode to a best out of three, nerfing the Specialist’s Infiltration ability, and giving the First Order Flametrooper more firepower. The details are not exact, but EA also wants to try and keep teams playing together with a new feature that “rewards all players in a spawn wave.”

In addition, EA has heard your feedback on different game modes, like one “where all players will have the same set of Star Cards with flattened values.” They don’t mention any specific details, just that they are looking into it and want to make sure the game is fun and balanced for everyone. Including those folks who are a bit short on time and need faster progression modes and rewards.

All that said, EA wants you to keep the feedback coming and states that you will be heard. Whether it is on their forums or social media, “we’re listening.”

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