Evil Shift Controller eSports Ready

The Evil Shift line are the best controllers currently available.

Evil Shift are a line of controllers from a company called Evil Controller. These controllers are for the PS4 and Xbox One. They are easily customizable on the company’s website linked below. You can also remap any of the buttons and paddles without interrupting your gameplay.

Evil Controllers claims that your gameplay will be improved instantly with these pro-controllers. Each finger can be utilized to a specific button and since remapping is so easy, you can shift your grip whenever you want to “alleviate fatigue.”

Each button and trigger is equipped to take your kind of play style, be that button mashing or light tapping; Evil Shift controllers are made to last. They also have magnetic joysticks of varying sizes, made for easy switches between tall and short for the gaming task at hand.

The Evil Shift controllers are currently on sale for $169.99 USD and are still on pre-order. They will be shipped around November 9, 2017, just in time for the launch of the Xbox One X. If you’re looking to really give the perfect Christmas gift for an Xbox gamer, clearly this is the way to go. One amazing console that makes games like Shadow of War look very good in comparison to the PS4 Pro.

CEO and founder of Evil Controllers Adam Coe weighs in, claiming that the Evil Shift line are the best controllers currently available and “anyone who competes using it will see instant improvement in gameplay.”

A bold claim, but with the way these controllers look, he might not be wrong. These are perfect for any hardcore gamer or eSports member out there. Though keep in mind that the rumble packs on both controllers have been removed. This is apparently for the benefit of better control and reduces weight. Though that might be true, some gamers prefer the feel of the controller responding to them.

Source: Evil Controller


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