de Blob Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Don't let Nintendo hear that comparison.

THQ Nordic is proud announce that de Blob is finally coming to the PS4 and Xbox One November 14, 2017. De Blob has been on PC since April of this year, but as with most indie games, a little under the radar. This jump to consoles is sure to gain some attention because of the game’s somewhat familiar gameplay.

De Blob is, essentially, Splatoon without the first-person-shooter part. Don’t let Nintendo hear that comparison, but it really is the best way of describing it. You play as de Blob and it’s up to you to literally paint Chroma City and restore it to it’s former glory. Put the color back into the world as you “flip, bounce, and smash your way” through.

There are plenty of obstacles in your way, like hot plates, electric shocks, and ink turrets (presumably the color-draining kind). Don’t forget to rescue the citizens of Chroma city as well.

The multiplayer feature is a split-screen couch co-op, for up to 4 players if you so desire. This is certainly a perfect game you can play with your kids that doesn’t take as much dexterity as Splatoon but just as much fun.

These contrasting colors are sure to capture the attention of any child.Once they have a hang of the controls, the platforming part of the game is a good way to train those dexterity skills.

You don’t just have to pick one color either, you can change and customize the colors of the buildings you paint throughout the game. You can edit patterns too, and soundtracks. Though what the latter really means is vaguely put in the press release.

There are also different modes (again, great for kids) like Paint Match (have more paint coverage than you opponent), Blob on the Run (capture the flag), and Blob Race (race to paint the most you can).


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