Leif’s Adventure Is a Beautiful New Platformer for Nintendo Switch

Every frame is hand-painted.

Developers OneManOnMars is proud to announce that Leif’s Adventure: Netherworld Hero is coming to the Nintendo Switch. No word if it is an exclusive to the Switch, but it seems likely when this is the first console announced for the game.

That said, OneManOnMars is really a one man team by the name of Roman Fuhrer. He’s been working in the games industry since 2000 and formed OneManOnMars purely for the creation of Leif’s Adventure.

In this game, you play the part of Leif who must “find his way back to the world of living.” With a weapon of your choice in hand (sword, axe, hammer), you will travel through interesting platform levels with your spirit friend.

This friend works a lot like your partner in Never Alone, or Child of Light, where it can be controlled separately (either by yourself or another player) and has particular abilities that can help you solve puzzles.

Though Never Alone might be the best contender for the two player platformer (okay, maybe Cuphead too), Leif’s Adventure offers a unique art style. Every frame is hand-painted, and if nothing else, this game looks fantastic.

The bosses are apparently all as a large as the green ogre you see in the trailer, making for a kind of Metroid battle experience. In the trailer it seems that the ogre has trapped your friend for a brief duration, so there will likely be times where you have to deal with these bosses on your own.

There is also a level where you have to carefully coordinate a floating balloon between walls of spikes. Just this side of narrow, this level looks to be all about timing and keeping both players away from a fall to death.

Leif’s Adventure is yet another fantastic game for the Switch, and for once not being ported to the console after being everywhere else for months or years.

Source: OneManOnMars

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