Fortnite Halloween Update Brings Major Battle Royale Upgrade

Update 1.8 brings a ton of changes

We wrote about Fortnite‘s Fortnitemares Halloween Event a few days ago. But back then we didn’t really know what Epic Games had coming as far as their Battle Royale mode goes. Turns out, it’s a lot.fortnite-battle-royale-update

The 1.8 update will bring Leaderboards into the Battle Royale mode in addition to Season Levels. Epic is also introducing an Item Shop and Locker section in which to store your things. There’s also been a plethora of quality of life improvements to upgrade the fledgling feature.

The Leaderboards will follow you and friends across the Battle Royale mode’s three different options of Solo, Duo, and Squads. Across each of the three, Epic will track how many games you’ve won, placed in the Top 10, and placed in the Top 25.

The newly implemented Seasons will give players an opportunity to personalize and level up your in-game character. You can earn season rewards as you progress and show it off via banner flair.

The Battle Royale mode also features a new Item Shop in which you can deck out your character as you wish. Said items you purchase, as well as those that you earn in-game, are then saved to the new Locker section of the Battle Royale menu.

As far as specific patch notes go, there are¬†too many to lay them all out. But we’ll list some of the more important ones. Epic has “greatly reduced input latency on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.” Hopefully that means the end of seeing opponents skipping around in front of you as you’re trying to get a shot off. They state that “controls overall should feel more responsive on consoles” as well. You can also toggle targeting on and off now within the game to aid in aiming.

There is also a new “Combat Pro” controller configuration for the more advanced Fortnite players out there. The new setting “is aimed at keeping the user’s thumb on the sticks as much as possible so they can make fast weapon swaps and build quickly.”

Cosmetically there is a bunch going on too. There are new graphics for players caught outside of the Storm zone now. As well as a new look for the Storm wall itself. Halloween skins are also available via the in-game shop for a limited time. You can purchase them until November 4th. And as per most updates, weapon stats have been tweaked for better game balancing.

You can review the entire set of patch notes here at Epic’s blog. Fortnite’s Fortnitemares Halloween update goes live today.


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