Guacamelee 2 Trailer

Be prepared to enter a very colorful world.

Revealed at Sony’s Paris Game Show this year was Guacamelee 2. Best stock up on avocados because you’re going to need the guacamole with the sequel to Guacamelee. Some might say the game didn’t really need a sequel, but as long as the gameplay remains fun and the story is new, it might be worth it.

The trailer released by Sony shows off the dimensional waves during gameplay, which can help the player solve various puzzles. Each wave has a different set of traps and enemies, making a maneuvering across the screen a matter of timing and careful planning.

The mode where you plays as the chicken has also been updated, apparently more fluid and with more combat moves. One such combat move is the Chicken Shot, which allows the player to dash quickly across the screen or attack enemies.

One of the main highlights of this announcement however, is the reveal of a split screen co-op mode. You can play the entire game with up to four players. Though this mode comes as a surprise, they couldn’t have picked a better game to add co-op to. Whether the other players will have their own characters is yet to be seen, but in the first game the second player took on the role of Tostada, Guardian of the Mask.

Guacamelee is an action-packed brawler and platformer focused on everything Mexican. From stereotypes to actual cultural icons, this game has it all. You control a character named Juan and it seems you play him again in this sequel.

Once again you must defeat the Mask of Vengeance, but that story seems to be besides the point. It’s all those new levels and bosses that are really going to catch the eye of any fan of the original game.

Guacemelee comes out on the PS4 “soonish,” as stated by the hosts of the pre-show and the end of the trailer. Be prepared to enter a very colorful world.
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