PlayStation Plus Titles for November Unveiled

Fans are pretty underwhelmed by November's offerings

Sony has announced which games will be coming to their systems via PlayStation Plus this month. And apparently PlayStation fans out there are finding the selections quite lackluster.

The two featured titles hitting the PlayStation 4 this month are Worms Battlegrounds and Bound. Worms Battleground is, you guessed it, another take on the Worms franchise. Battlegrounds specifically has a 62 Metascore for its PlayStation 4 version.

Bound is the other game hitting PlayStation 4. It’s also playable within PlayStation VR. Bound was developed for Sony by Plastic and released back in August 2016. The game is a bit of a high-concept art piece, putting you into the role of a creative dancer.

While the visuals of the game impressed many critics, Bound’s gameplay was cited as shallow and stiff. The game as a whole earned itself a 71 on Metacritic upon release. The game did receive a patch in November that enabled PlayStation Pro support.

For the PlayStation VR specifically, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will be available from November 2nd through January 2nd. It’s a solid horror title that incorporates some jump scares really well into the VR space. It holds a 72% on Metacritic.

The PlayStation 3 is getting the action side-scroller shooter R-Type Dimensions (82% Metascore). As well as the party brawler Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic (68% Metascore). Finally, the PlayStation Vita is getting the multiplayer side-scrolling brawler RPG, Dungeon Punks. And Episode 1 and 2 of the adventure game Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse.

If we’re being honest, the line-up is far from impressive this month. Especially when highlighted by the frontward facing PlayStation 4 titles. At the time of writing this, the embedded YouTube video has about 3,400 likes compared to nearly 14,000 dislikes. The top two highest voted comments for the video also cite the disparity between likes and dislikes due to Sony’s game selection. Maybe for the month of Christmas, Sony will step their PlayStation Plus game up.


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