Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Direct

Though we've already learned a quite few details about the game, it seems Nintendo is keen on revealing even more.

Next week on November 7 at 6am PT there will be a Nintendo Direct focusing on Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Bright and early for a lot of us. Though we’ve already learned a quite few details about the game, it seems Nintendo is keen on revealing even more. As it is the second in a series, a great deal of the gameplay is already assumed and confirmed by trailers and other Directs.

The story is a little different from the first game, however, as it includes an entirely new world and cast of characters. This time you will be playing as Rex and his friend Pyra (who is also his blade in combat).

Rex is somewhat of an outcast, living alone on “a Titan he calls Gramps” and salvaging what treasure he can “from the cloud ocean.” His peaceful life is interrupted with the arrival of Pyra. She is the personification of a blade and “commands the power of fire.” She tells Rex of Elysium and assigns the mission to go there on behalf of humanity. Elysium is the Eden’s garden of this world.

The world is apparently post-apocalyptic and the last of humanity lives on various Titans, huge colossi of varying shapes akin to those in The Shadow of the Colossus. The reason for this mission to a fabled paradise is because the Titans are marching towards their death, according to Nintendo. Heroes Rex and his trusty blade Pyra hope to find Elysium and save what is left of humanity.

On their way they meet the rest of the party, Nia and her blade Dromach, and Tora and his blade Poppi. Nia, like Rex, can wield these personified blades. She isn’t very interested in Rex or their mission at first, but eventually warms to to both. Tora is an inventor and doesn’t actually possess the inherent ability to wield blades. Instead he made his own, a clockwork blade that looks very orange tabby like.

There are villains to this story as well, a group called the Torna. Of these you will meet the leader, Jin, the second-in-command Malos. Though the characters of the heroes are left vague, it is not nearly as vague as the villains.

Nonetheless, there is plenty more to learn on the game’s webpage. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will release December 1, 2017 on the Nintendo Switch.


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