PlayStation Trophies Added To Sony Rewards

With AAA game prices as they are, any little bit helps.

Sony has announced that PlayStation Trophies can now be used to purchase games by way of the Sony Rewards program. If you don’t already know, the Rewards system is exclusive to the US and once you sign up for it, you can earn points for using a variety of PlayStation services. For example, you can earn 250 points if you rent 3 movies from the PS Store, or 500 points if you buy 3 movies from the PS Store made by Sony Pictures.PlayStation Trophies Added To Sony Rewards

Now that trophies have been added, you can earn 100 points for achieving 100 silver trophies, 250 points for 25 gold, 1000 points for 10 platinum trophies. Every 1000 points will get you $10 of PS Store credit towards any purchase of your choice.

If you’ve signed up and already have the appropriate amount of trophies for points, you’ll have to start registering your trophies from scratch. Unfortunately, that means quite a lot of gameplay and hard work for very little payoff. However with AAA game prices as they are, any little bit helps.

This is a good program if you would like to use Sony’s PlayStation services exclusively, like the PS Store, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus, and PlayStation Music. The more you use them, the more points you’ll earn. Especially if you decide to get the PlayStation Visa, which nets you 5 times the points on every PlayStation purchase and 1 times the points on any other purchase.

Is it worth it, for the amount you have to spend versus how many points you earn? It really depends on your service usage. If you do use Sony exclusively, than absolutely yes. If you don’t, than perhaps the Rewards program is not for you.

These kind of point programs work better for something you have to purchase anyway, a necessity or service you use very often. Unfortunately, with Netflix and plenty of other services for music and movies, Sony seems a little pricy and not worth the trouble of switching over. Again, depending on your normal usage.

Source: Sony Rewards Pass


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