Battlefront II Multiplayer Will Be “Adjusted”

"40 hours of gameplay" in order to "unlock one hero or villain."

After many complaints from those with EA’s Origin Access to Star Wars: Battlefront II about the game’s loot boxes and character unlock system, EA has finally responded. Unfortunately, the response isn’t exactly what anyone was hoping for.Battlefront II Multiplayer Will Be "Adjusted"

The company has stated that the current system is due to what data and “initial values” they gleaned from the Open Beta. As such, the whole system is up to “constant adjustments” as EA takes a look at the average player’s “credit earn rates on a daily basis.”

Apparently they want a system where players can have a “sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.” Except those heroes are all the iconic ones. It is currently estimated that it would take “40 hours of gameplay” in order to “unlock one hero or villain.”

Judging by the latter rather thorough analysis of the credit earn rate, it seems that EA has created quite the pay wall. Unless you buy your progression, you’re going to be in for those 40 hours for just one character. This is one of the worst cases of micro-transactions in an AAA game in quite awhile.

EA still holds that updates and adjustments to the system are coming soon. However by the sounds of the complaints, it would take quite the overhaul to make Battlefront II’s multiplayer unlock system any good.

Whether EA will manage to get their act together long enough to fix Battlefront II’s multiplayer unlock system is yet to be seen. The company certainly doesn’t have a reputation for fixing things after launch and certainly not well enough. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a case in point, much to the disappointment of far too many fans. Despite the updates to the animation, the game remains as impersonal as an RPG should never be.

Do you think EA will fix Battlefront II? How do you think they will do it, by adjusting the rate of credits earned or just lowering the price of micro-transactions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Reddit user analysis, and EA response.


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