Overwatch Xbox One X 4K Upgrade Coming Soon

The bigger screen, the more action there is to see.

In a statement to Windows Central, Blizzard was revealed that Overwatch will be joining the 4K team on the Xbox One X. The team currently includes Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Call of Duty: WWII, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and Destiny 2.Overwatch Xbox One X 4K Upgrade Coming Soon

Though the quality of Tomb Raider on the Xbox One X versus the PS4 Pro is debatable, Shadow of War has recently taken the prize for the largest difference between the two consoles, in favor of the Xbox One X.

Blizzard has stated that Overwatch will be receiving similar enhancements to their previously announced Xbox One X games, like Diablo III, WWII, and Destiny 2. They spoke specifically about leveraging “the console’s incredible hardware” with upgrades towards 4K resolution.

However, Blizzard seems mostly concerned with insuring that “the user interface looks natural on a truly big screen.” Meaning that they are not going to simply be stretching what they already have to 4K, but rather creating the upgrade. As any developer should, since we’ve seen how wildly different the graphics can be between the Xbox One X and the Ps4 Pro.

Playing Overwatch, or watching for that matter, on a huge screen is certainly a great selling feature. The bigger screen, the more action there is to see. Though it might not be enough to win a game by any means, but Overwatch has always been about the details. From their beautiful maps, to the very animation of each character reloading their gun, you’re sure to notice details you never thought would be there.

Nonetheless, Overwatch is the perfect game to test out your 4K system. Keep in mind that all of these Xbox One X enhancements are completely free, there’s no need to buy a second copy of the game if you already have one for the regular Xbox One. It’s supposed to be sent as an update once you stick the disk in, or start up the digital file.

Source: Windows Central


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