Xbox One: Cartoon Network Streaming App Live

To use the full capacity of this app you'll need to have cable.

Cartoon Network has announced today that they have created an app for the Xbox One. Now you can stream all your Cartoon Network favourites, like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, O.K. KO!, and We Bare Bears Mighty Magiswords.Xbox One Cartoon Network Streaming Service

To use the full capacity of this app, and access to all the shows as they are, you’ll need to have cable. Just log in with your TV service provider, like Verizon or AT&T, and you’ll be able to watch whatever you want to.

If you do not have cable, this app does provide a few “unlocked” episodes but you probably won’t be able to watch the latest episode of Adventure Time as it airs on normal TV. Though if you already have cable and are wondering what the use of going through Xbox One might, there are a lot less commercials or waiting time when you stream an episode instead.

Without cable, this app might still be fun, but it really depends on what content is free and isn’t. If you’re favorite show is Teen Titans Go! and it isn’t a part of the “unlocked” content, the app might not be entirely worth it.

Nonetheless, there’s room for everyone on the Cartoon Network couch. With cable, you can watch the premier of certain episodes before they air on TV as well as “hilarious clips, customized video mixes and other exciting content.”

The Cartoon Network is home to a lot of favorites, though if that makes purchasing a cable service worth it is up for debate when there is plenty of content for kids on Netflix. A service that is a great deal cheaper, even with the price rising to around $10 USD depending on the tier of service.

The app is also available on most mobile devices, though not if your device is five years or older.


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