Deadpool 2 Wet on Wet Teaser Trailer

"God, I love cocaine."

Though this new Deadpool 2 teaser doesn’t show much on the actual movie, we do get to see Deadpool dressed up as the lovely Bob Ross. For those that simply don’t know or too young to have caught the show, Deadpool is parodying The Joy of Painting, a show that ran to the mid-90s.

The Joy of Painting starred the charming Bob Ross. This talented painter with a permed afro that came to be his defining feature, taught folks how to paint beautiful landscapes. The jokes here mostly centre around Ross’ voice and how calmly monotone it was. Deadpool at point joking that he was wanted to roll around in all that nice white powder and get high, punctuated with “god, I love cocaine.”

Don’t be fooled by the setting, as Deadpool makes sure that every cut gets you a brand new painting. He even shows off his painting skills by trying to paint a tree on one of them. After that we see that Deadpool has actually managed to paint a visage of himself and promptly freaks out.

It is then we get to the actual footage of the upcoming film. Guns are loaded and dark factories are exploded to kick it off. For a brief second, we see that Morena Baccarin is back as Vanessa, leaping into Deadpool’s arms. The taxi driver from the first film also makes an appearance, the context of which is sure to be hilarious.

Brianna Hildebrand as Negosonic Teenage Warhead is back too, in all her gum-chewing glory. She is, as usual, unimpressed and gives the camera the finger. We then see Deadpool running in the rain without his suit on and smashing through a car, possibly a Crown Victoria.

Then we catch a glimpse of Julian Dennison standing in a building that is very much on fire. Whether the fire is his character’s doing or not is unclear, but it seems that he interrupted a white-supremisist, with a little dooms day cult thrown in, meeting.

Domino comes in next, smashing open a door that appears to belong to a school, judging by the red lockers next to it. There are plenty of other funny and awesome moments, like Deadpool rising out of a coffin, so be sure to watch the full trailer above.


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