Assassin’s Creed Origins Nightmare Pack Details

This lovely horse is literally on fire.

Ubisoft has released a trailer for Assassin’s Creed Origins‘ Nightmare Pack. It’s less of a nightmare and more plenty of dark themed gear, like the Shadow Warrior Outfit. This one, seen clearly in the trailer, features a darkly stained leather for the vambraces, front plackart, and pauldron. The underlying cloth is black, and the leather punctured with a dark brass.

The highlight of this entire pack is the Abyssal Steed, also featured prominently in the trailer. This lovely horse is literally on fire. It has a skull for a head and the rest is still covered in flesh, though charred and glowing.

On the flank of the horse is written a few lines of what I assume should be Egyptian hieroglyphics, but looks a lot more like Hebrew and ‘glyphs mixed together. I don’t know what it says, but it’s on fire. Ubisoft states that you can “set lands on fire” with this gear, so we’ll see if anything really catches as you ride by on your Abyssal Steed.

Next we have the weapons included in the Nightmare Pack, the Barbed Longbow (Predator Bow), Forlorn Hope (Heavy Blade), and Ripper (Sickle Sword). As the primary Egyptian army was charioteers and fairly cool in their own right, it’s good to see that Ubisoft was at least somewhat accurate in the weapons they used.

The “Sickle Sword” is a weapon derived from the original Khopesh, the Ripper in this case looks pretty sick. The inside is thinned into a blade and the outside is jagged and unpleasant. It may not be entirely historically accurate, but neither is a flaming horse.

The Forlorn Hope is a heavy long-handled axe that can be used while riding on your horse to cut down enemies. This is shown in the trailer, during twilight to make sure the horse looks optimal for the move. It seems that in daylight, the flaming horse doesn’t glow as much, but is still aflame, especially around the head to mimic a mane.

The Barbed Longbow looks hazardous to use, but as always, the assassin is sure to keep his hands and arms safe while taking down enemies and animals with this weapon.

If you’re wondering where this pack is at when you’ve bought the Season Pass or other special editions of the game, don’t panic. You can purchase the Nightmare Pack DLC with in-game money.


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