Overwatch’s Latest Hero Moira is Now Live

She's a Talon geneticist as brilliant as she is ambitious

It’s been teased by Blizzard, but now it’s official. Moira, Overwatch‘s newest character, has gone live.

The timing couldn’t be any better. Overwatch is set to celebrate a free play weekend beginning tomorrow, November 17th. So what better way to hype up a new crop of players than with a fresh hero for them to experience?

Moira’s character is that of a DNA scientist that is described as “equal parts brilliant and controversial.” She’s known to go to any lengths to advance her science, regardless of the ethics that may stand in her way. Said scientific breakthroughs come in the form of her move set, which categorizes her as a Healer in the world of Overwatch. It’s due to this that she’s classified as Overwatch’s first support character belonging to Talon – the game universe’s villainous organization.

As far as abilities go, her go-to mechanic is known as Biotic Grip. With her left arm she extends energy in front of her which heals allies within its path. On the other hand – literally – she uses her right arm to fire a long range beam which leaches an enemies health, which in-turn, restores Moira’s health and biotic energy.

She also uses her Biotic Orb. It’s a projectile that bounces around arenas. Moira can choose whether the Orb regenerates health for allies, or instead causes damage to foes. Talon’s Healer also has an ability called Fade which enables her to teleport a short distance. As well as Coalescence, a long-range beam that can heal allies yet avoid barrier to damage enemies.

Now is a great time to jump into Overwatch. Not only has the character roster expanded to 26 with an awesome looking new healer, but as of tomorrow it’ll be free to give the game a whirl. Blizzard is granting access to all 26 heroes and all 16 maps beginning November 18th until November 21st.


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