Overwatch Begins Testing for New Blizzard World Map

The Most Magical Place in Games

Where a kid can be a kid! No, that’s not right…

The Happiest Place on Earth! No, not that either…

How about just a fun place where we can all shoot the hell out of each other? Yeah, that’s Blizzard World.

The doors have opened to Overwatch‘s newest map. The 4th wall opening (which is apparently up for debate in the trailer’s comments) venue is free to explore via the game’s Public Test Region.

Known as Blizzard World, Blizzard’s latest effort is truly an inspired one. And their inspiration comes from a source quite close the company – themselves.

Blizzard World is a new Hybrid Map that encompasses a multitude of IPs from Blizzard’s influential library. Azeroth, Tristram, the Koprulu Sector. They’re all represented here. And more. It’s a fantastic ode to a fantastic collection of games.

The map hasn’t rolled out to the entire Overwatch community yet. It’s still in testing, available to those who utilize the Public Test Region servers. But it won’t be much longer before Blizzard launches Blizzard World out to the masses for everyone to enjoy.

World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Starcraft – they’re all on display within the new map as Blizzard does its best to give Mickey Mouse a run for his money. You’ll see attractions based upon the various games within Blizzard’s catalogue. Specifically shown in the Blizzard World trailer are the Flight to Duskwood, Pylon Terrace, Hearthstone Tavern, Snaxramas, Heroes Arcade and Lost and Found Vikings.

The Blizzard World map comes shortly after the addition of Overwatch’s latest Hero (or should we say villain?), Moira. You can read all about the genetic genius’ abilities in our post here. Once Blizzard World goes live it’ll be quite fun to see all of the various nods and Easter eggs that Blizzard has packed into their new venue. One thing is for sure, the company certainly has plenty of delightful source material to pull from.


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